High Temperature

Our customers face a number of challenges when trying to optically sense an event in sealed high temperature environments. Many of their products, systems, or manufacturing processes require using a fiber optic cable assembly to allow the opto-electronic sensing components to be positioned remotely while maintaining a seal to keep contamination in or out. The data collected is often critical to the safety, operation, or efficiency of the end application. Fiberguide has developed the capability to design and build assemblies that are optimized to operate in high temperature applications, up to 700°C, with optional sealing features as required.

Typical Applications

  • Turbo-machinery: Flame detection in turbines, monitoring systems for jet engines, turbine blade speed rotation
  • High Temperature Manufacturing: Measuring the concentration of various chemicals in deposition processes such as semiconductor and solar panel manufacturing
  • Thermal Imaging: Measuring high temperature thermal gradients in steel / glass manufacturing
  • Military / Aerospace: Optical Assemblies that can survive in extremely harsh environments for sensing and power delivery
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