Optical Sensor Applications

Optical Sensors are widely used for Medical and Industrial Applications. Optical spectrum data can be used to detect the presence or absence of chemicals in a sample, as well as the concentration of any detected substances. Optical sensors can also be used to measure mechanical elements such as stress / strain, temperature, pressure or distance. Fiberguide’s fibers and our expertise in building customer assemblies helps our customers overcome challenges in these areas.

Typical Applications

  • Medical: Laboratory Instruments used for new drug development or for analyzing patients’ fluid samples
  • Industrial: Measuring the concentration of various chemicals in deposition processes such as semiconductor and solar panel manufacturing
  • Structural: Stress / Strain gauges for bridges, tunnels, and pipelines
  • Mechanical: Micro measurement systems and Laser Calipers
  • Security: Vibration and pressure sensors for monitoring fences and perimeters
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