Technical Notes & Case Studies

The links below include informational documents about Fiberguide solutions. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or need any additional support.

Whitepaper: A Comparison Study on Laser Speckle Reduction *New!

A comparative study analyzing Molex’s Fiberguide De-Speckler performance amongst industry leading speckle reduction devices February 2021 by Fiberguide’s Luke Westbrook.

Case Study: World’s First Magnetic Fusion Power Plant Chooses Fiberguide *New!

ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, chooses Fiberguide for its collaborative global engineering megaproject focused on fusion research and the development of the world’s largest experimental tokamak by 2025.

Moth-Eye Metasurfaces for Fiber Optics *New!

Article in Photonics Spectra March 2020 by Fiberguide’s Dr. Devinder Saini and Ron Mehl.

Combiners and Splitters *New!

An overview of combiners and splitters made by Fiberguide.

High Temperature DTS for Oil Shale In‐Situ Retort Gold Coated Fiber as Key Enabling Technology

Fiberguide’s gold coated fiber is key in the high temperature DTS “In-Situ Retorting” oil shale conversion process.

Buffer Removal Techniques for Optical Fiber

Removal techniques for removing buffer material safely and effectively without damage to the glass substrate.